What are dental veneers?

Veneers are usually made from porcelain, resins, or ceramics. A veneer is attached to a tooth in order to improve color, shape and size and to repair chips, cracks and gaps. Dental veneers are often referred to as “instant orthodontics” because they are able to immediately mask crooked or misaligned teeth by “smoothing out” the surface of your smile.

What are different types of porcelain veneers?

Composite resin veneers. this tooth veneer is made from resin typically used in tooth fillings. While these are less expensive than other types of veneers, they only have an average lifespan of about five years.

Porcelain veneers. The porcelain which composes porcelain veneers is truly remarkable. Our porcelain veneers are amazingly natural looking, as they replicate the sheen and translucency of real tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers also have the advantage of being stain-resistant and extremely durable and resilient.

How are dental veneers applied?

Our team will make a model of your mouth and teeth. The veneers will be shaped to fit like a glove to your teeth and will look and function almost exactly like your natural teeth. The surface of the tooth receiving the tooth veneer will be prepped in order to create the best bond between it and your new veneer. Results are instant since the installment of the veneers immediately covers chips, cracks or discolored teeth!

How do I take care of veneers?

Veneers are extremely durable so there are little to no special precautions and regimens needed to maintain them. They basically become part of the tooth, but it is suggested that hard food be avoided – very much like the precautions you would take to preserve your natural teeth.

Do dental veneers feel awkward?

Think of dental veneers like ultra-thin porcelain or resin sheets. They are perfectly bonded to the teeth and usually you will not even notice they are there!

If you have any other questions about our tooth veneer services, feel free to call us at our Provo practice! We work with patients all over the Utah County, from Lehi and Alpine to Orem!